Friday Evening

So after a long, long, loooong day working at the bank, I am finally able to relax.  Working on figuring out how this blog thing works and watching Alvin and the Chipmunks Shipwrecked with Hailey and her little friend Grace.  Here they are chillin on the couch.

Jackson is pretty happy too. I am not sure why he thinks it is ok to curl up on my snuggy though!

So we are all settled in for a quiet Friday night.  Grace is spending the night – one of the things I love is when Hailey has her little friends over.  I love to hear them playing and talking!  I get to know my daughter in a different way when I see her interacting with her peers!

Well the first movie is done.  I think I will take advantage of some time and clean up a little bit.  I have been so busy this week and coming and going so things just sort of get dropped when we get in the door.  With our tiny cozy house everything needs to be put in its place otherwise a little disorder leads to a massive mess!  I don’t think I’ll post a pic of what my kitchen table looks like now!

Happy Friday the 13th!