What I Ate Wednesday

Hailey is up north again this week with her dad on vacation so I am really trying hard to take care of myself.  When she is gone I tend to get sad, sit around, feel icky and lethargic.  Since I have been feeling better I decided to really focus on the food I am putting into my body.  Just taking it day by day.  What better than to do another WIAW post!

Peas and Crayons

Lately I have been eating this every morning for breakfast.

vanilla granola with almond butter

Ever since Rachel sent me some awesome french vanilla granola in my foodie penpals package I have been obsessed!  I found some at my local grocery store that is pretty tasty.  I also tried almond butter and am in love big time.  I have been having the granola with a dollop of almond butter every morning.  Yummy!

I love this time of year when all the fruit is delicious and in season.  I have been making sure to eat a lot of it.

strawberries and a plum

Lunch was organic scrambled eggs with salsa and Fontina cheese that was leftover from fondu night.

Another snack I enjoyed were these whole wheat banana chocolate chip muffins.  I threw some in the freezer last time I made a batch so they were ready for me when I needed something to grab quick.

whole wheat banana chocolate chip muffins

Since I have been filling my body with actual food for the last few days I have more energy.  I feel happier inside even though I miss my daughter like crazy.  I am also feeling ready to start exercising.  I think I will just start out walking – ease into it so I don’t get discouraged and quit.  I tend to have an all or nothing attitude so I know starting small is important.

Dinner was also pulled out of the freezer.  I love freezing leftovers when I have the time to cook.  Turkey meatballs that I made from scratch with spaghetti sauce and quinoa.

turkey meatballs from scratch

A friend told me about the pasta version of quinoa.  I have never bought regular spaghetti pasta again.  It is healthier, tastes great, and Hailey also loves it.  Score!

So, that’s WIAW!  I just want to end this post by saying “Good job, Jaime! Keep up the healthy choices – – I know you can do it.”