Breakfast Cookie

One of my favorite things to do is search through food blogs to find healthy and delicious EASY recipes.  One of my favorite blogs I follow is The Fitnessista.  She has a recipe posted for a breakfast cookie that I decided to try out.

I basically followed the recipe but I used chocolate peanut butter and this awesome stuff my sister got me from Trader Joe’s.

It was so easy to make!  Dump the ingredients in a bowl, mix it together, and dump it on a plate and refrigerate!

Hailey and I were too excited to wait for morning to try it!  We decided it would be a good snack after our Tuesday evening Zumba class.

I thought it was delicious…..

Hailey said it was the best thing ever!

She was so excited while she ate it!

Easy, nutritious, and a hit with Hailey! Definately a new favorite recipe!