A few neat ideas!

This last weekend my girl scout troop went to the nature center for an Earth Day Celebration.

They had different stations set up for the girls to participate in.

There was a healthy snack session.  Some older girl scouts talked briefly about nutrition and showed the girls how to make a delicious healthy snack all by themselves.

I felt like my Grandma Betty when I asked if I could take all of the banana peels home for my compost bin! Hailey and I just started it and we are short on the greens that need to be added! More about that later.

Another station was making a birdfeeder.  A local bagel shop donated day old bagels that otherwise would have been thrown out.  The girls simply spread peanut butter on one side and dipped it in bird seed.  A piece of yarn tied to it allows you to hang it from a tree.

My favorite session was using an old T-shirt to make a bag!  No sewing at all, just cutting!  This was totally up my alley – – I don’t sew!

First you cut the sleeves and the neck off of the shirt.

Turn the shirt inside out and then lay down a piece of some magical tape that I was told I could find in the sewing section in between the bottom pieces of the shirt and iron it to create a seam without sewing!

Turn the shirt right side out and do a little trimming and voila! A groovy recycled bag!

We ended the fun day with a hike around the pond.  I snapped this pic of my beautiful baby.

Saturday Morning

Relaxing with a nice K-cup of Chai Tea and watching the news before my crazy weekend starts.  The girls are still in bed sleeping.

The animals are playing – – their normal morning all day routine of chasing each other around and pouncing on each other.  It is entertaining, but sometimes it gets to be too much and I have to seperate them

I work at the bank this morning and then this afternoon we are off to the nature center to celebrate Earth Day for Girl Scouts.  Hailey goes to her dad’s tonight and I work at my other job and then again tomorrow.  Work work!  I am already wishing it was 5:00 Sunday!