Experimenting In the Kitchen 2

One of our favorite meals is breakfast for supper!  Something about having a delicious breakfast in the evening just seems fun!  One of Hailey’s favorites is pancakes.  Normally I buy the yellow bottle of bisquick pancakes that you just add the water and shake.  In my quest for a healthier lifestyle I searched out a way to make some delicious pancakes for us that were a bit healthier.

I searched one of my favorite blogs for a recipe and found one that I knew I could handle.

Again the recipe called for whole wheat flour but I wasn’t nervous this time since these turned out so fabulous!  I followed the recipe except I didn’t put the banana in.

Unfortunately we didn’t have any fresh fruit to top the pancakes with, but we did have quite a few other options to choose from.

My favorite topping was the honey apple butter from Trader Joe’s.  Hailey tried a few things but went back to her original favorite syrup.

So, this was another easy recipe that was a healthier choice – – seriously if I can make pancakes from scratch anyone can!

 Another hit and a new favorite!

Experimenting in the kitchen

In all of my blog reading I have discovered many recipes that look so yummy and seem so easy to make.  I used to be afraid to make anything that had more than 3 or 4 steps.  My sister loves to cook and came to visit Hailey and I a few months ago and made this delicious fettuccini alfredo for us.  After watching her cook in my kitchen and seeing how simple it actually was and how delicious it tasted I decided to do a little recipe experimenting.

One of the blogs that I follow has tons of healthy recipes they make that their own kids love.  I came across this recipe for pumpkin muffins and decided to give them a whirl.  When I do make time to bake I like to make healthy things for Hailey and I.  Adding more whole grains to our daily food intake is important to me.  This post did a great job explaining whole wheat.

So, on to the experimenting!  I was a tad nervous using whole wheat flour because when I had used it another time I didn’t like it.  She uses white whole wheat flour in this recipe so I was hoping that would improve the taste.  On a side note I actually found the same brand used in the recipe.  This was exciting to me because the closest thing I have to a Trader Joe’s is the organic section at Festival Foods.

First you had to mix the dry stuff together and dump the wet ingredients in the middle.  This was my first time using coconut oil.  Apparently coconut oil is one of the best oils to use according to numerous foodie blogs.  Who knew?

These muffins were so delicious fresh out of the oven all warm and moist.   Hailey absolutely loved them!  She asked me if I would make more for her to take as a treat for her class!

This kitchen experiment was a definite success.  Not only were the muffins healthy and yummy but this recipe was super simple.  Trust me, if I can make these anyone can!