Feeling better

Ahhhh I am feeling good right now.  I have been sooo down in the dumps for the past few weeks.  I am struggling to pull myself out.

Today when I came home from work I found a clean house, lawn mowed, and supper in the oven.  My summer babysitter Abby rocks.  Totally bummed she is moving. : (

She helped Hailey and Liz (Liz is Abby’s sister who happens to be one of Hailey’s best friends) have a lemonade stand today.  The girls made about $25 bucks!!

Liz and Hailey selling lemonade, brownies, and bookmarks!

After dinner (which Hailey and I actually sat at the kitchen table to eat instead of the TV which unfortunately has been the norm the past few weeks) I whipped up a batch of these awesome muffins.  They have become a staple in our house.  I follow this recipe but use muffin tins and also add chocolate chips!  They are healthy, so filling, Hailey LOVES them, and they freeze really well.

Banana chocolate chip muffins

Then I went outside and checked on my plants, flowers, and garden.  Thankfully they were all looking pretty good considering I have been neglecting them lately.

sweet peas


garden – please excuse my weeds!

I took a few pictures and now am snuggling on the couch with Hailey while typing this up.

I am hoping this happier feeling continues tomorrow.   I am going to go into tomorrow with the attitude of happiess and try not to focus on how awful the last few weeks have been.  No sense dwelling in what was – focus on moving forward!

6 thoughts on “Feeling better

  1. i hope you stay positive and feel better every day! i know it’s easy to get down in the dumps and stay there. something that always helps me is making a list of things i’m grateful for- it’s just like a million reminders of all the reasons i have to smile

  2. i’m glad you’re starting to feel better! hailey and her friend’s lemonade stand is adorable! my sister and i used to have lemonade stands when we were little! 🙂

    your garden is looking great! maybe if i ignored my plants for a couple days they’re do better too?! haha!

    • I am sure Katie and I did lemonade stands too. I dont think we ever made that kinda cash though!

      Hoping to give more attention to the garden this weekend. Certainly cant let the weeds take over my hard work!

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